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The most recent was in September, when she was there for the new wife of Tracy Curry, aka the rapper called The D. C., aka the father of Erykah’s 12-year-old daughter Puma. Everything varies, so there’s no really set schedule. ’ ‘I’ll be there.’ ” Poyser wasn’t looking for Erykah.He found her in Philadelphia, recording songs with The Roots for Baduizm. Their manager, Richard Nichols, invited him to come in and check out this new singer they were playing with.He invited me because he thought I’d enjoy the musical acts he’d hired, which he had kept secret from all of his guests as a present to them.And it was so much better that way, to have Erykah swoop into my life unexpectedly, to stand 5 feet away while she led a three-piece band (that later grew to include Q-Tip as well), playing to a small crowd like she was onstage at The Bomb Factory in front of thousands.

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She changed her flight during a layover in Chicago and went to Brooklyn instead.“She came through with the guitar and house full of folks just for moral support,” Stic says.“This was our first time—it was all natural at home.It gives her a timelessness, usually for better but occasionally worse.She can be two steps ahead of everyone: she was saying “stay woke” back on “Master Teacher”—a song from 2008’s New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)—years before it was a Twitter hashtag.

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